Following an innovative, highly respected and successful career in the property business (see career) LAWRENCE BLOOM decided to take a prolonged sabbatical and in 1996 began to travel the world extensively, furthering his studies of holistic business, belief systems, personal development and sustainable practices.

Since then he has connected and spent significant amounts of time with international leaders in the field of consciousness research, and with personalities at the cutting edge of the transformation movement in business.

In 1985 Lawrence helped Teresa Hale realise her vision of creating The Hale Clinic, one of the largest complementary health clinics in Europe.He assisted her in giving strategic business advice and acquiring and obtaining planning consent for the buiding in Park Crescent. Lawrence has been interested in alternative, complementary and integrated health since the early 1980’s. It was a privilege for him to support such an important initiative.

His interest in the current System Change was kindled by having, in 1990, created with David Gershon an environmental initiative called Global Action Plan. He was Chairman of UK, and Deputy Chairman of the International Office. ‘GAP’ is currently in 23 countries and in the US it advises the Presidential Commission on the Environment. However, five years later, notwithstanding all the many significant small victories, it was clear to Lawrence that systemically things were becoming inexorably worse.

It was at that time he decided to resign from GAP and to ‘swim upstream’ to find the source of the driving currents that were causing the inexorably increasing pollution, poisoning and degradation of our ecosystems. Contemporaneously with his resignation from GAP he also resigned, for similar reasons, from the joint Chairmanship of Hunger Project UK, part of a major International charity with many profound achievements devoted to ending World Hunger.

In 2007 Lawrence had the privilege of talking at the World Economic Forum at Davos, in the session: Future Series: Designing Sustainable Cities, and was appointed the first Chair of the WEF Global Agenda Council on Urban Management (World Economic Forum). He was also appointed Chair of the UNEP Green Economy Initiative Council on Green Cities, Buildings and Transport.

Lawrence has been appointed a Member of the Accounting for Sustainability Forum, which is a UK Business in the Community initiative, championed by HRH The Prince of Wales.

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Lawrence’s experience at the WEF and the UN and his many other roles led to the discovery that the corrosive drivers creating our environmental crisis were simultaneously and dramatically also exacerbating the widening of the wealth gap and were directly responsible for increasing the number of people at the “bottom of the pyramid” becoming impoverished. He realized that these underlying drivers stem from a moral and ethical crisis and a lack of real meaning as to what it means to be Human.

Lawrence’s personal focus is to raise awareness of the urgent need for transformation at individual, cultural and organisational levels. The new thinking needs to be based on a holistic and stakeholder paradigm, sharing best methodoligies and breakthrough technologies. He is deeply committed to creating sustainable development and communities, complementary currencies and business environments that respect the natural and human environment.

He considers the role of Humanity goes beyond mere trusteeship or stewardship, believing that we must become positive contributors to the ecology of the planet, recognising the imperative of our inherent common and shared journey with all forms of life and the systems upon which we depend for our survival.

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