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OWA over the past five years has built up a unique international reputation for their Freedom in Living courses. These intensIve teachings are given in seven day modules and address the most significant misunderstanding of our time. A misunderstanding that is so serious that within a few short decades it could be the major cause of societal collapse and eventually even species extinction.

Never in the history of humanity have the stakes been so high.

OWA teaches that all suffering comes from self centric thinking. A thinking that isolates and alienates the thinker from the earth, fellow humans, from his or her own family and friends, and ultimately from one’s own self.

That kind of thinking while creating great anxiety and fear in the thinker actually plays no active part in the solution to the innumerable problems that surround us. At the same time it often causes the “sufferer” to withdraw within himself thus actually losing any meaningful connection with thse around him. A large majority of people are habitually thinking in this way. We are totally absorbed with self and image, security or safety.

The teachings of OWA stress and guide, in a direction many of us are beginning to experience but have no framework to work from. That is our realisation that the great misunderstanding arises out of our false sense of separation. That the threat comes from our loss of connectedness with the earth that gives us life, with the cosmos that gave us birth. with each other. Without each other our life has no meaning. OWA’s teachings are demonstrating the power of inclusive thinking, other centric thinking and world centric thinking. This not only about educating our minds to come into right wisdom as to the reality of our lives, but also to awaken the true richness of human consciousness through a direct experience in meditation. As humans our brains hold the potential for an infinitely richer sensory experience. We have it within us to experience the oneness and interconnection with all life.

From this emergent new consciousness would arise responsible actions stemming from compassion, actions that would beneficially impact the web of life of which we are a part.

How could it ever be possible that transformed action could flow from an untransformed consciousness.

David Henry Thoreu the great American author says in his famous novel On Waldren Ponds “most men live lives of quiet desperation!” And Mark Twain quipped, ” I have experienced many terrible things in my life. Most of which never happened!” The vision of OWA is to bring about this inward revolution. A true revolution in consciousness.

Current Situation

Our global society is currently facing three major converging crisis, Financial, Environmental and Social. They look separate but actually they stem from a common cause which is a crisis in values, and even that crisis stems from the defective worldview we mentioned above. That “we are all separate” when it is becoming much clearer through our understanding of the physics of entanglement that actually we are all connected as some global family. Or the cells in a human body. Every decision we make based on the false assumption that we are all separate leads to greater personal and communal conflict through an exponential increase in mental health suffering and many minor wars.

It appears that a new level of consciousness, maybe humanity’s next evolutionary step, is wanting to be born.  The consciousness of oneness and connection. Of awareness and right action.


OWA has made a significant contribution to individuals by guiding them lovingly and compassionately into an awareness of the new consciousness of connection.

It is now proposed that the work be taken to the  next stage by the creation of the OWA University. The University will physically be on the OWA Campus with say four permanent faculty members. As OWA attracts more and more leaders to its intensives the University will focus on the major issues of our time where we will convene groups with a minimum of 50% “graduates” of the OWA to dialogue as to how we might impact major change in those institutions which dominate our society..

Between us we know a number of major influencers, it is now time to create a focal point where they can meet to dialogue, and bring others who they consider understand the nature of this great transition. All this will be held within the field of the OWA campus itself giving the dialogues energy and magnifying their global effect.

Thus the ultimate vision of humanity  can be realised. That with beautiful minds we can really create a beautiful world.

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