The Gateway

First you have to truly let go

Only then can you truly surrender
Only then can you truly trust, and
Only then can you truly have faith

And then

You can enter the Gateway.
When you enter the Gateway
You cease living life, and
Life lives you

And then

You dance.
That is all there is left to do!

The Gateway is now*here
Some call it Christ consciousness
Others I am that I am
Or The Word, or Logos
It is the same Place

It is the Place
Where one becomes two
Before it becomes three

It is called by others
Qualified non dualism, or
Creating creation

All I know
Is that you have to be out of your Mind
To get there!

Love Light and Peace.


Where there is judgement
Let there be joy
Where there is expectation
Let there be happiness
Where there is duality
Let there be only me

Lawrence Bloom, India, October 1997

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